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Organizing a crypto conference in Europe in less than a month

Every summer I go to Greece to enjoy the Greek islands and every summer I end up spending a considerable amount of vacation time meeting with the Greek Startup community or getting involved in huge projects. And I freaking love it

So, I decided to formalize this by doing a yearly "Jon V" conference where I meet my favorite, super smart Entrepreneurs and do a deep dive into technologies.

Seeing how the US is a bit "ahead" in terms of technology and blockchain adoption, I decided to run a "V as in MetaVerse" conference and talk about NFTs, smart contracts, DAOs and Startups from inception, to development to productization. 

Let's talk now about the agenda. 


My original plan was simple: Get a huge airbnb, invite some people that want to learn and let's have a hackathon. But I think we can do better.

"V as in MetaVerse" will take place sometime in the beginning of July in Greece. Maybe Athens? Maybe Kalamata? Maybe somewhere else? It all depends on the location I can find.

The tickets for the event will be NFTs. A limited edition of NFTs will be given for free to volunteers, speakers and people that don't have the financial means to attend. The rest of the tickets/NFTs will be available at various prices ($10-$50). The reason there is a price, is because I want to weed out people that are not committed in coming and learning.

The event will be three days. Day one, is presentations and workshops about blockchain development, NFTs, branding, fund raising, Startups and anything else we can fit in a day.

Day two, is the hackathon and some networking events. You have 24 hours to build a kick ass blockchain project based on a theme to be announced. The first three teams will get a price from our sponsors.   Day three, in the morning, we select the winners and that's a wrap!

The content of course will be available online a couple of weeks after the event. 

Is that it?

Ha, of course not! There is a surprise in all this. A hidden project that hopefully will be approved by the Greek government as it requires their permission and takes 5 to 10 years to complete. Let's just say for now, that the space where the event with take place, will be a "Metaverse blackhole". 

Sounds awesome. How can I help?

I am looking for speakers, people to help, sponsors, media sponsors and in general cool people :) If you are one of them or you can suggest someone, join the Discord Server. There is a room to coordinate.

Super excited and super stressed but it is going to be awesome!

PS: If you bought one of my NFTs, talk to me on Discord because you get a free ticket :D

Coming Next: How difficult is to create a crypto island?

- Tue 01 June 2021


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