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Built to fail

I'll tell you something that I've learnt after building tons of companies for many years.

The easiest way to succeed in building companies is to try not to suck.

Yes, that's it. No need to be a brilliant engineer or a gifted Entrepreneur. You just have to build something that doesn't suck. But that doesn't mean you should strive for perfection. It is actually the exact opposite: You should create things Built To Fail.

Built To Fail is an email course that will show the exact ideas and proven strategies that top Entrepreneurs are using to try out their ideas without spending any time and money. In this email course, you'll learn:

  1. Training your imagination muscle and coming up with new ideas
  2. Validating your ideas without spending any money
  3. Building your landing page for your product without writing any code
  4. Finding your first 10 customers

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