My birthday cake as an NFT

I just released the NFT "Piece of cake" for my birthday! And there are two editions. And both of them are epic.

There are 9960 NFTs of the first edition that cost Ξ 0.01 each. They have this epic NFT, pixelated and animated by me, stored in the brand new Decentralized App (DApp) of OMGDrops and on IPFS.

First edition

The second edition costs Ξ 0.1 (UPDATE: it is sold out!), there are only 40 copies and has unlockable content. The content is a numbered acrylic art block that contains the NFT and I will ship it wherever you live. For free.

In case you didn't understand, this NFT comes also with a physical product, send to your place for free.

Unlockable content

This NFT release pushed me to work more on our brand new infrastructure at OMGDrops. Here are some more geeky details:

  1. "Piece of cake" is running on the brand new Decentralized App (DApp) of OMGDrops and IPFS. It is 100% decentralized running on the Ethereum blockchain.
  2. After you buy the NFT, it is immediately available AT NO COST at OpenSea. You can trade it there and make some sweet ETH.
  3. The limited Edition NFT has unlockable content that is uses your wallet signature to unlock it and off-the-chain authentication. I am planning to open source this part because I haven't found anywhere how to do this at scale.
  4. It is built on Python/Flask, TailwindCSS and Solidity 0.8.
  5. OMGDrops is still a hybrid. Some of our creators are not on the website, others are but we linked them on OpenSea or Rarible and some of them are 100% on the blockchain.
  6. OMGDrops will become a fully Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) by the end of 2021.
  7. OMGDrops DApp can be integrated with other websites with just one line of code, helping artists sell their NFTs directly from their websites. How epic is that!

If you are interested in beta testing, sending me an email and we'll get you started.

More technical details coming at a later post, so sign up to stay in the loop or drop by my Discord channel. Oh and don't forget to buy the NFT!

Coming Next: How to hit $1M in sales with NFTs

- Fri 09 April 2021


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