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I made an A.I short movie - and it is crazy

The best way to learn a new technology is to make something with it.

I signed up for a 48 hour competition, sponsored by RunwayML, Coca Cola and YouTube and I created a short movie in 5 hours. These are the things I learnt.

Good stuff

I created a "movie" in 5 hours and I spent $50 while being amateur in movie making.

For someone like me, to have a similar result without A.I, they would need to spend at least $3k and 48 hours. At least.

If someone spent more time and knew what they were doing, just by using A.I they could had made a short movie that the non-A.I equivalent would have been at least $50k and 1 week of work.

What I am trying to say is that the benefits are exponential once you start using A.I.

Now, for the bad news.

Bad stuff

It is EXTREMELY difficult to create scenes with the same character. If you watch my movie, you'll see that the main character keeps changing.

It also very difficult to create exactly the shots that you want. I kept changing my script because I couldn't get the right shots.

Check out some videos I posted on twitter. Hilarious stuff.

A.I is terrible when it comes to human faces that have to show emotions. Just terrible.

Creating scripts with A.I is laughable. Plot holes, unimaginative stories, confusing endings.

Having said that, I plan to create a big movie just to try more technologies (like lip syncing) as I believe the space is going to be huge.

ai movie

You can see the short movie here.

- Thu 26 October 2023


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