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Startup Office hours

One thing that I love more than build stuff is helping out Entrepreneurs. I was helped when I started so the least I can do is pay it forward. That has a huge downside.

Every day I get around 100 emails from Entrepreneurs asking for my feedback/help.

As much as I love it, it goes against my two rules:

  1. Do undistracted deep work
  2. Impact as many people as I can

That's why I decided to streamline the process and start "The Startup Office Hours".

Reviews in the open

Every week, I'll pick one Startup that has submitted an entry and I'll do a video review of their pitch deck and/or website. For free.

Sometimes I'll have a chat with the team and sometimes I'll bring some subject matters experts, angels and VCs to provide some feedback. That way, I can impact as many people as I can (instead of repeating the same stuff to every Startup) and for the founders, well, my network consists mostly of Angel Investors, VCs and Entrepreneurs that can help you out.

So here it is.

Go and check the YouTube channel. Oh, I am planning to post highlights on my Instagram account, so feel free to follow me there too.

If you are an Entrepreneur that wants a review, go here.

Please share this to anyone that might benefit from this and let's make this a valuable library for Startups.

- Tue 21 September 2021


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