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I am done with Startups

I am done with Startups (with a twist)

I built startups that had tons of customers and amazing products.

I built startups that made an insane amount of money while being just a few HTML pages.

I built and sold startups, and the process is always the same:

Grind -> do what investors want -> do stuff that doesn't matter for the customers -> get money in the bank -> repeat.

A couple of years ago, I decided I am done with it. And you should be too.

Lifeups instead of Startups

Lifeups are companies that upgrade your (and everyone's involved) life.

I tried "Lifeup" – the art of making products just for you and your customers, while you enjoy life – in my previous company and I loved the process.

  1. We built only what customers wanted.
  2. We were 4 people.
  3. The due diligence for the acquisition was super easy.
  4. The codebase was poetry.
  5. I didn't have to share any money with VCs.
  6. I didn't have to talk with VCs (the best part).

And now, I am going to perfect "Lifeups" with my latest company which surprisingly is all about Financial Freedom.

Hey Financial Independence

I can build exactly what I want: a 100% customer-funded company that prioritizes people's growth and adventures instead of losing time on VCs and stupid board meetings.

A company where we can over-engineer stuff just to make a small thing faster that less than 1% of our customers will ever notice.

A company where customers know that we'll never divert from our vision and we'll fix ALL bugs.

A company that doesn't have an expiration date because "we had to spend more for growth."

I got inspired by Michael and his tweet, while walking back from the beach. On a Tuesday afternoon.

What prevents you from being free?

- Wed 29 May 2024


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