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Get Jon to Fund You

If you're reading this page, there's a high likelihood that you're an entrepreneur. Congratulations on choosing what is arguably the most challenging profession on the planet!

I'm fortunate enough to be one of those entrepreneurs who assist fellow innovators in navigating the daunting, often soul-crushing journey of seeking funding from venture capitalists.

Unfortunately, my time is extremely limited, and I strive to streamline the process of reviewing new startups. However, even if your startup isn't the right fit for me, should someone within my network be a match, I'm willing to forward your information (with your consent).

Imagine this: every day, my inbox is like a party packed with about 100 entrepreneurs yelling for my attention. It's the ultimate "Where's Waldo?" but for groundbreaking ideas.

My investment rulebook isn’t set in stone (I’ve thrown cash at nearly 100 startups, and trust me, rules were made to be bent, broken, or tossed out the window), and I give it a fresh coat of paint every quarter. Still, here’s what gets my investor senses tingling:

The "Get Jon to Fund You" Playbook

  • Your company must be incorporated in the US (California preferred).
  • Your target market should be the US.
  • Only looking at pre-seed or seed funding rounds.
  • Preferably dealing in SAFE notes ($25k to $100k, with the potential for me to syndicate up to $1M).
  • Your business should be technology-oriented, with a strong preference for SaaS models.
  • You should have some paying customers (even just one counts!).
  • Not interested in ventures focused on Crypto, Web3, or NFTs.

That's the rundown! If you meet all these criteria, there's a possibility I might be interested, so feel free to send me an email.

PS: If you don't feel ready yet, go and check my YouTube channel - I have some pitch deck reviews.

- Fri 12 January 2024


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