3 tricks to smash your goals

Do you feel unmotivated? Lethargic? Overwhelmed?

Congratulations, you are like everyone else!

We all find reasons not to do stuff.

We find reasons not to exercise (I don’t have time - I feel tired).

We find reasons not to eat healthy, find time for ourselves or maybe read that book that I bought from Amazon about bird watching and I am waiting for the weather to be perfect so I can sit in my backyard to identify the birds but it is a bit cold and I don’t know whether birds fly that much when it is cold, maybe next weekend or…

Enough with the chit-chat. Let’s do some smashing.

The 3 tricks to smash your goals RIGHT NOW

  1. Control your calendar. Else time will control you.

  2. Control your energy levels. Else you are fighting yourself.

  3. Control who surrounds you. To flourish you need nutrients and not toxicity

4 (bonus)/ Relinquish control. Practice no attachment.

1/ Controlling your calendar

I used to have tons of meetings back to back. I implemented this trick from Arnold and it worked but I found a state of mind that was more efficient:

Whenever someone asks for a meeting, I treat it as if they are stealing from my personal time. They are stealing from the time I have to help people, be with the ones I love or work on my company and my goals.

That makes me very conscious about random meetings and I dedicate more energy for the meetings that matter.

If there is a non-essential meetings is scheduled right now or after 2-3 weeks.

2/ Control your energy levels

This is literally a game changer.

I love answering emails and writing articles in the morning.

I like reading at 11am.

I want to be done with exercising before 2pm.

I like having calls after 2pm.

Trying to fit everything based “on time of the day” instead of your personal energy levels is 100% wrong.

You need to listen to yourself and figure out the times you are more creative, have more energy or you need downtime.

The best way to do it is track when you kick ass in your Joy Journal.

3/ Control who surrounds you

I heard that “you are the average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With”

If they are toxic and bad-mouthing others behind their back, that negativity will cloud your life.

If they are bitching all day long about how others are responsible for everything, you will never get charge of your life.

You will become the people that surround you.

4 (bonus)/ Relinquish control

When I was in Japan, I attended a seminar about Mandala. The idea behind it is that you spent A LOT OF TIME to create something beautiful and then you have to destroy it.

I know, it seems like the definition of wasting time.

But this exercise taught me that:

  1. Nothing is forever

  2. Letting go is part of evolving

  3. Denounce control to regain control

I leave you today with a video I got when I was riding the Bullet Train in Japan.

One of my favorite times.

Do you have any tricks that help you become a “better” you?

I would love to hear them - just send me an email.

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- Sat 13 June 2020

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