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My goals for 2023

Whoa! Another year! Congrats to everyone!

I hope you managed to crush your goals and if you didn't, maybe those weren't really your goals? Just saying.

I was thinking to do a recap of 2022 (I even gathered photos with the highlights) but this is a the last Friday of the year and you shouldn't spend it in front of a screen.

So let's talk for 2023.

Goal Setting

There are two issues with setting goals:

1/ You overcomplicate the process

2/ You put zero thought behind the process

The first issue (overcomplicating it) is the worst one as it paralyzes you - leaving with no goals at all.

That's the reason, I am just "wing it" and surprisingly it works (I surfed more, I exercised 6 days per week, increased my muscle mass while reducing fat, had my second HUGE conference, I improved in story telling, I spent tons of time in filmmaking, I finished a 1-month cinematography school, a launched a new NFT Ticketing platform, I sent a newsletter every week, I posted every day on Linkedin, I invested in tons of new companies, I started my advisory program and tooooons of other goals).

So, just trust me on this. Write right now your goals for 2023 and email them to me. In a year, we can review them and see what went right, wrong or just wasn't important.

Here are my goals for 2023, unfiltered, with zero planning behind them.

1/ Launch my "Die Empty" experiment that goes for 12 years. Needs tons of planning and commitment but it is a masterpiece

2/ Vlog every day for a month. I have TONS of videos that I haven't edited yet and I think vlogging every day for a month will force me to improve

3/ Improve eating & exercise schedule. Always room to improve

4/ Launch a small course (probably story-telling for Entrepreneurs)

5/ V as in MetaVerse 2023 (this summer!)

6/ Build a bigger team and do more stuff that are fun/epic/out of this world

7/ Produce 10x more, consume 10x less

8/ Less calls, only do meetings that involve physical activity

9/ Love more, with more passion

That's it from me. Do me a favor and send me your goals. I might get some ideas and I hope you got some ideas from my list too.

- Fri 30 December 2022


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