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Becoming the best

How To Become The Best You

The obvious answer, which has become a banality (note: banality has nothing to do with bananas), is:

Do difficult things and you'll grow

Now that we got this out of our system, let me tell you about my framework.

Jon's Framework

Nietzsche said:

One must have chaos in oneself to give birth to a dancing star

Growing and becoming better have NOTHING to do with doing difficult things. It's all about doing things that seem crazy to you.

All of our lives we've been conditioned in doing things in steps. In a sane progression. Do you want to make a movie? Go to a film school, learn editing, story telling and a bunch of other stuff and in five years you can make your first short movie.

Hint: Even after all this, you'll still be afraid of shooting your own movie (you think you are not worthy).

data is king

The same thing goes for building companies. You think you need a website. Or your product to be in a specific condition. Or marketing to be in place.

If you want to grow you have to turn crazy.

Do you want to make a movie? Sign up for a competition/film festival in a month from now. Even if your final movie sucks, you are already ahead of 99% of people out there - and more importantly - the intense pressure has forced you to grow, take ownership and deliver.

Same story for Startups. Announce your release date RIGHT NOW. This will force you into doing the things that matter. It will force you into skipping all the fluff and just go, go, go.

This is how I ended up having my own conference for three years in a row (and a fourth year coming up).

This is how I started a Wealth Management company that operated in the US and in 30+ European countries.

This is how I started a VCast that garnered TWO Million views because we interviewed Ice-T.

This is how I saved a whole country and got a Nature publication.

I am not special. I am not special at all.

I am just crazier. And you are too.

Let's Create an A.I. Short Film Together

Every time I want to do something crazy, I feel like chickening out. I feel the same thing every time. I literally deleted this part three times. But let's see how it goes.

There is a two day short film competition where you have to create a short (1-4 minutes) film using A.I in TWO DAYS. And it's in two weeks from now. Crazy right?

I always wanted to delve into A.I film making soooooo if you are interested, just reply to this email and let's see how we can do this.

For the record, if this sounds crazy to you, you have to do it. Crazy people don't make excuses.

Yes. That's me. Wearing a yellow motorcycle helmet, dancing at a club in San Francisco, owned by the guy that started Netscape (the first Internet browser) - and this was our first business meeting.

- Thu 05 October 2023


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