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Three steps for fundraising πŸ’°

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These are the crazy things I learned last week.

1/ When I created a digiphysical NFT for my birthday cake, I knew it would sell because I am awesome (and made me ~4 Ether).

What I didn't know is that it will be in an art exhibition in Los Angeles next week!

So, if you are in LA, send me an email πŸ“₯ and come to the opening night (drinks, vibes, art, and epicness included).

PS: The owners of these NFTs will get some surprizes pretty soon! πŸ˜‰

2/ Do you want to raise money fast? Use a SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity). Else you are an idiot.

I've talked about fundraising SO MANY times, and there are still people that don't get it.

It is very simple.

  1. Information asymmetry
  2. FOMO and don't be stupid
  3. Network

Go now and build something awesome!

3/ πŸ“’ Giveaway!

It's been some time since we did a crypto giveaway, so here we go!

Share one thing you gained from my newsletter on your social media and collect ✌️ 99 $Victory coins for free.

For example:

The one thing I learn from Algorithms pay my bills is the working hard is NOTHING if you don't have a network.

Then click this link, and here you go πŸ˜€

4/ Your decision-making process is broken! Here is a tool βš’οΈ to fix it!

We all make decisions. And yet few of us think about what we can learn from our past decisions to make smarter decisions in the future. A decision journal helps you learn from past decisions, think through current decisions, and avoid problems before they happen.

5/ Did you ever want to search for information (like blocks, transactions, wallet addresses, funds, and more) in a Blockchain?

Then the Block explorers are what you need.

πŸ’‘ Block explorers are online interfaces that provide search capabilities for a blockchain and enable you to retrieve data about transactions, addresses, blocks, fees, and more. Each block explorer provides data about a particular blockchain, and the type of information included varies depending on the architecture of the blockchain it serves.

Here are the most popular:

See you next week. πŸš€

-- Jon V (as in Victory)

- Fri 15 July 2022


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