Owning your own eSports team and building crypto cities

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Let's talk about the Top 5 things that happened last week.

1/ Last time I talked about Metaverse Cities. What I haven't told you is that I am a Citizen of the CityDAO. CityDAO has bought real land in Wyoming and a community of 6k+ citizens is planning to build a whole city. Seems that the Metaverse is clashing with reality pretty hard.

The reason I am excited about DAOs is that I am working on launching a new DAO about the Metaverse and Web3. If you want to be involved - drop by my Discord and join the channel #TheDao.

2/ In my latest pitch deck review, I talk about what most investors look in a pitch deck. Hint: It is money.

Click here to see this epic video!

3/ I've invested in a lot of DAOs and "not traditional" companies but one of them will blow your mind with their business model.

There is a crypto game called Axie Infinity, valued at $3 Billion and got funding from the biggest VCs on the planet. To participate in that game you need to buy their NFTs and then by playing you can earn money - this is called Play-to-Earn (P2E).

What is mind blowing is that you can invest in a "company" that buys the NFTs and "rents" them out to players in countries like the Philippines. These players play all day long, win money and they "profit-share" with you.

In case you still haven't got it, you can have your own e-Sports team, running fully decentralized and autonomously, earning money while you sleep.

Here is a video to see more about this story.

4/ Netflix is expanding to games. You will be able to buy and play games using your Netflix subscription. It seems that all companies at the moment became game companies and then add NFTs. I wonder if anyone is still building non-Entertainment products.

That’s it for today. See you next week.

PS: I am reviving the "Algorithms Pay My Bills" Community on Discord, so if you want to drop by and chit-chat, you are more than welcome!

-- Jon V (as in Victory)

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- Wed 10 November 2021

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