How to win without talent, making money and Metaverse cities

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So many exciting things happened last week (I won't even discuss about Facebook changing their name to Meta) so let's jump right into it.

1/ I've been working towards building a "real" Metaverse. That means a city, with its own physical language, currency and a DAO.

Αλγοκρατία (Algocracy) is a type of Democracy where instead of Demos (the public) holding (crato/krato) the laws, we have algorithms.

This is the heart of the Metaverse and not 3d avatars.

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And it seems that is the next steps as Metacities are started to get formed. What a crazy world we live in!

If you are interested in helping out, reply to this email and I'll keep you in the loop!

2/ In my latest pitch deck review, I talk about why you need a CTO and why you shouldn't scale prematurely. As my personal motto goes:

Make it to fail, not to scale

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3/ The most common misconceptions for success are the following:

a) You need to be smart

b) You need to be rich

c) You need to be talented

I can guarantee you that if someone like me can do it then everyone can. And I mean it.

The things that helped me in building insanely competitive companies, destroying competition, making crazy investments (sometimes with 300x return) or identifying new markets long before the majority (like Ethereum at $8) are these:

a) You should have no issue with failing.

Learn to fail = Learn to adapt.

Destroy your ego if you want to make a change.

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b) Learn how to become Antifragile. It is impossible not to have your ass beaten so learn how to become like water - powerful but never rigid.

c) Get better at storytelling. If you cannot inspire people, if you cannot make them dream, it doesn't make what you are building. Take lessons, start writing small stories even blog posts and get better at storytelling.

d) Commit. Do you want a perfect body? Commit to diet and exercise. Do you want to build wealth? Commit to hard work. Do you want love? Commit to improving yourself.

Simple but not easy instructions ;)

4/ I am planning to release the third version of OMGDrops, the NFT Marketplace that I started by accident. But I am going to do this in public!

There is a movement called #buildinpublic where you build your product "in the open", for everyone to see. You share the good times and the bad times. And I like it because it helps more people to see that Startups are not overnight successes but hard work.

Here is an amazing infographic by manceraio that can help you launch your Startup - if you want to try out the #buildinpublic movement ;)

5/ There is a new kind of domain, the ".new". These are called "the shortcuts of the web". For example, if you go to, a new Google Doc will be created.

So, I bought the domain because I think that companies (like Zillow) will love to have this domain. But instead of just selling it, I want to try an experiment:

If you can find a buyer for, you get 20% of the final price.

It's that simple. You find a buyer (let's say $10k), the buyer gets it and you get $2k (or whatever it is after fees). The highest price by next Thursday, gets the domain.

And this is where things become interesting. Instead of me spending these money on surfboards, I will place the money in a DAO that will hire people (maybe you?) to do more tasks.

The concept is that this DAO, becomes self-sustained, grows its capital thus making everyone a shareholder, decision-maker, employee and employer.

That’s it for today. See you next week.

-- Jon V (as in Victory)

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- Thu 04 November 2021

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