Mr Beast is a beast and the crypto domination continues

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Here we go with the Top 5 things that happened last week.

1/ It has become a tradition by now, to have one huge thing happening in the DAO space every week. This is the fourth newsletter and trust me on this, I am not even talking about 1/64 of what is happening out there.

I started helping out CityDAO with their Constitution smart contract and just like that I started another DAO, called DAOCracy.

There are tons of people helping out already, we had two community calls and I love it! If you want to participate and learn about web3, NFTs, the metaverse and how to work for a DAO, drop by our Discord (channel #the-dao). I promise you, this DAO is for new people to learn more about this crazy new space.

2/ In the meanwhile, El Salvador decided to create a "Bitcoin City" and raise $1 billion via "Bitcoin Bond". Translation: Scam.

There is no city being build that is not on the Ethereum blockchain and not using NFTs. Building a Bitcoin City makes as much sense as building a city using rocks. You can do it but you are probably an idiot. In this case, you cannot even build a city with Bitcoin as you cannot do any transactions and there are no smart contracts.

3/ And we are back with our weekly pitch deck reviews!

This time I am reviewing a pretty solid Startup, with a very impressive technology. If I could change only one thing in their pitch deck that would be ... (come on, watch the video!).

Oh and if you haven't subscribed to the channel, DO IT NOW.

Click here to see this epic video!

4/ If you don't know Mr Beast, oh you are in for a surprise. An excellent creator, that creates super viral videos. His last video is Squid Games. 135 Million views in 7 days. Yes, he had more viewers that the actual Squid games.

If you want to create viral content, study him (I know I am!).

5/ The founder of Twitter left Twitter. But that's not the big news. Jack Dorsey is also the founder of Square (a huge fintech company) that is now rebranding to Block. Yes Block as in Blockchain.

If you are still working for a web2 company, you have to immediately reevaluate your choices. Join a DAO, and start reading as much as you can.

If you want to have a job in the future, you need to start working for the "future" - someone I don't remember

See you next week!

-- Jon V (as in Victory)

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- Thu 02 December 2021

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