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Make Something Wonderful

I just came across Steve Jobs' free ebook that contains speeches, interviews, and correspondence, and it is ABSOLUTELY brilliant.

Steve Jobs' eBook Insights

Do yourself a favor and give it a read. It's a peek inside his mind.

My First Official Half-Marathon

I am preparing for my full marathon, and part of my training is to run up to 20 miles. I thought that running 13.1 miles (half-marathon) should be a walk in the park, so I signed up for a race!

Half-Marathon Achievement

I managed to do it in less than 2 hours and could have done it in 1 hour and 45 minutes. Oh well, next time.

I have to remind you that I HATE running, so this turn of events is pretty interesting.

I recorded a full video about this and some videos about all the sensors I wear while running and some crazy experiments I am doing on myself.

All I can say is that the episode is coming out in a couple of months. It is epic.

Becoming Free

My app, HeyFire, is going through the final touches (at last!) and it will be the first of the tools I am going to release.

My plan is not to give you the tools to make you rich but to help you become free. Free to create. Free to live. Free to enjoy. It's a feeling that I am blessed to have, and it's not so difficult to get there.

VAIM 2024

Oh yeah! My annual conference is coming for the fourth year! The theme will be FIRE (financial independence, retire early) and longevity, and I am still thinking about a new format.

Reply to this email if you have any epic ideas to include, and my team will make sure I see it!

- Jon V (as in Victory) 🚀

- Tue 06 February 2024


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