Startup Wars & Venture Mansion => 7th & 8th of July 2023 | Athens/Greece
Olympus MiniTalks => 24th of June 2023 | Olympus/Greece

The conference has ended! Videos coming soon


Your life is about to change

Pitch. Raise Money. Get famous 🥂 (DO NOT FORGET US)

It's competition + workshops + talks + epicness.

Struggling to raise money?

Bring your pitch deck and we'll help you out to make it fundable 💵.

Pitch to Startup Wars

And get access to Venture Mansion with the top investors in Europe for a private pitching night

Plus tons of speakers

From to A.I, to Stable Diffusion, to bootstraping Startups, to building a waxing unicorn - we have it all

Venture Masion 💰 - Only winners

Step into the Elite Circle: Showcase Your Company to Europe's Powerhouse Investors in a Luxurious Private Mansion

The best event you've ever been

At our last event, two Angel investments were made (compared to zero on any other event you've been).

VAIM conferences are famous for being epic.

The big leagues

If you are selected, you'll be joining us to an evening with drinks on a secret-location Mansion (where you'll be transported with a black car) and you'll get to pitch to the biggest investors your mind can process.

Yes, it is beyond epic.

“I started VAIM because Startup events are boring and provide little to zero value. I've never managed to raise money on these events - just waste tons of time. At VAIM we don’t have presentations on large cold stages - we have firechats🔥 on couches. We don’t have corporate folks - only real engineers, creators and Entrepreneurs. We don’t do faceless networking - we do private dinners🍽️. We don’t pitch products - we build connections🔗”.

Olympus Run: Running with the Gods and Mini Talks.

Run Entrepreneur. Run!

Run with us 15k or 5k on Mountain Olympus and attend the Mini talks (plus some swag and awesome food)

Never run before? No problem!

You can chill with us before and after the run!

Wanna outrun us?

Many have tried, noone has done it (just kidding, we run for fun)

Swag swag swag

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Schedule (details)

June 24th - Olympus Run

Location: The Mountain of the Gods

Mini Talks

We talk about A.I and Startups while we eat epic food


We run 15km or 5km


We wear ultra limited swag

July 7th - Startup Wars

Location A - The Egg

Raising Money

Stories from the top Entrepreneurs that "built it and sold it"

Bring Your Pitch Deck

A workshop that helps you improve your Pitch Deck and your chances to raise money

Startup Wars

Qualify for “Investors’ Lair” day and pitch to the biggest investors in Europe during a private event

July 8th - Venture Mansion

Location B - Secret


An invite-only event at a Mansion, featuring the top ultra-high net worth individuals in Greece


You will have the opportunity to connect with super influential investors and boost your business and professional network

Tickets (free but limited)

How is this conference free?

It is free because we have our awesome sponsors and our huge community.

Do I need a ticket?

No, for the first day (Startup Wars) just show up if you want to watch the talks or fill the form if you are a Startup and you want to participate.

What about the Mansion?

Only selected Startups are invited to this day.

This is what press has written

The most famous Greek Entrepreneur

Hollywood and the MetaVerse

The biggest creators conference on the world

It is in Greece

This is how "V as in MetaVerse" started

A small story