V as in MetaVerse

17-18th December 2022 | Athens/Greece

The conference has ended! Watch the videos!

Gold Sponsors

Firechats with the best creators and builders on the 🪐

Our speakers got an Oscar🏆. Twice.

A Masterclass in Storytelling by Rick Carter

Two Oscars and tons of movies to learn from (Jurassic Park🦖, Back To The Future🚗, Star Wars✨, Forrest Gump🏃 and many more)

Help us to buy an NBA Team

The KrausehouseDAO will tell us about the story, how random strangers raised A TON of money and are buying an NBA team.

Plus 20 more speakers

From selling $1M NFTs, to A.I, to Stable Diffusion, to bootstraping Startups, to cryptocurrencies to **anything** that will shape our future. Stay tuned for the full list.

Art show

Real items from the movies, plus tons of CRAZY unreleased art .


Yes. We flew the actual hoverboard and the shoes from "Back To The Future" from Los Angeles so you can see them. Oh and tons of stuff from Jurassic Park. Oh and tons of unreleased designs. Oh and tons of swag.

The Truth Is In The MetaVerse

Art and digiphysical NFTs . Seriously, how epic this event is?

Media Sponsors

“I started V as in MetaVerse because corporate events are boring and provide little to zero value. We don’t have presentations on large cold stages - we have firechats🔥 on couches. We don’t have corporate folks - only real engineers, creators and Entrepreneurs. We don’t do faceless networking - we do private dinners🍽️. We don’t pitch products - we build connections🔗”.

Hack to earn: 999 euro to the best team 💰

Learn. Buidl. Win.

Two days to build with your team (up to 5 people) and get the prize. No second place. Get your Hackathon Ticket here

No team? No problem!

We'll definitely find you a team to join!

You have no idea about web3?

Our mentors and our community will provide courses on how to build web3 apps and guidance during the conference. Come on, we organized a huge conference, you can definitely write a web3 app!

Get hired!

Even if you don't win the prize, there is a high chance that you'll end up with a job in web3 (our sponsors are looking to hire you)

Schedule (details)

MetaTalks & Exhibition

Location A - The Blender Gallery


Two days: 17th and 18th of December (12pm to 5pm)


Walk-through with Rick Carter on the 18th of December (5pm)

Crypto Party!

18th of December (7pm)


Location B - The Egg


17th and 18th of December (10am to 7pm)


19th of December (10am)

Tickets (free but limited)

How is this conference free?

It is free because we have our awesome sponsors and our huge community.

Do I need a ticket for the conference?

Yes, you will need an NFT Ticket to attend any day of the conference

Where do I get the ticket?

The MetaTalks tickets are available here or if you have a MetaHat. You can grab a ticket for the Hackathon here. The Art Exhibition and the Crypto Party is open for everyone

Do I need different tickets?

Yes, the MetaTalks and the Hackathon have different tickets

This is what happened last year

This is how "V as in MetaVerse" started

A small story

And these are the highlights

Why we decided to do it every year