How I went viral on Instagram and why you shouldn't care

As I keep on building more and more cool things, I am starting to respond even slower to my emails, text and messages. I am almost back to scheduling meetings like Schwarzenegger. And that's a cool thing.

Your inbox is not a todo list that everyone on the planet can add tasks.

If you want to make an impact, you need to prioritize. Emphasis on *you*.

And with that sprinkle of wisdom (damn, that's a cool name for a song), here are the 5 epic things I learnt this week.

By the way, reply to this email and tell me your epic thing you learnt this week and I'll include it in the next email. How cool is that! Here we go:

1/ Another Pitch Deck review is out and this time is about an eCommerce Startup. Excellent flow and solid progress. Check it out.

Click here to see this epic video!

2/ I think I figured out how to go viral on Instagram and it is annoying. Oh, it is very annoying. With a 7 second video, I got 42k likes (and still going up) and 400k views.

Here is how I did it (I plan to run a couple more experiments so follow me on Instagram if you want to be annoyed by the experiments):

a) The most important thing is to include music in your post. Trending music. Instagram and Tik Tok prioritize posts with popular music

b) No more photos. Videos. Short videos. Up to 10 - 15 seconds

That's it. Experiment and play around. The post is here if you want to check it out.

3/ I talked with a new Entrepreneur last week and she told me that she is terrified about how people will perceive her work. And by people I don't only mean customers but also friends and family. I told her what I tell to everyone in my free Startup course:

Fail fast.

Social media amplified the success stories and all of a sudden everyone thinks that you can hit all the shots you take and if you don't, there is something wrong with you.

I have something important to tell you and it is not that a lot of people fail. It is that:

Nobody. Cares.

The faster you realize this, the faster your life will improve and you can focus on things that you like.

4/ I keep getting so many questions about NFTs and whether are gambling or not. Here is an article about how an NFT creator run off with almost $3M. And it is not the only one.

New technologies create new opportunities to make money fast and lose money faster. That doesn't mean that you should be blind. You should read as much as you can about this new exciting world.

Here is an article I wrote about trading NFTs.

5/ Now that Seinfeld is on Netflix, it's a good time to watch this video on how Jerry Seinfeld writes a joke and the-now-famous method of kicking ass.

That’s it for today. See you next week.

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-- Jon V (as in Victory)

PS: I am making a post about things that people see while they are reading this email. Snap a photo right now (as long as it is not NSFW) and send it over!

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- Mon 04 October 2021

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