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How I sold 1,000 hats 🧢

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👉 These are the crazy things I learned last week.

1/ My annual conference is officially on!

I still cannot believe that I have my own conference with more than 10,000 members, tons of sponsors, and the best team helping out. 

Thank you all so so so much. 🙏

During the last conference, we had a 2x-Oscar-winner blowing our minds with things that only a handful of people know about the biggest movies in Hollywood, two Startup investments, and an Art show with items for Hollywood movies. And these were not even the highlights!

This year the theme is "Startup Wars", with Startups competing to pitch in front of the biggest investors in a mansion! And, of course, we will have talks, presentations, and tons of cool and fun stuff (as always).

🚀 Check VAIM 2023, and let's go!


💸 During our last conference, we sold more than 1,000 hats 🧢 - while most events struggle to sell 1,000 tickets.

This is how we did this.

Hint: It's all story-telling.

  • First of all, our Swag is premium ✨—no cheap $3 stuff.
  • Then, it is the perks. Anyone that got a hat had guaranteed access to the conference, and they could sit front row.
  • And then it is the story-telling.

I've been experimenting with written languages for a long time (I was trying to build a new MetaVerse language - until "the Metaverse" died), and I thought it would be fun having a new language for the conference.

That’s how the VLang was created.

It is a visual language based on Kaktovic - watch this video and have your mind blown away - and we started by adding V0VV on the hat, which stands for 2022.

All hat-owners got an ebook that talks about the language, and it is part of many hidden easter eggs from the conference.


This year, we continue the tradition by releasing the new VCult Hat - with free delivery anywhere in the world - and of course, V0V- as the code for this year.

👉 If you have last year's hat, reply, and I'll send you a 10% discount!

3/ Emma Chamberlain

One of my favorite creators is Emma Chamberlain - and she raised 💰 $7M for her coffee ☕ brand. Here is how she did it.

  1. Emma is crazy authentic, and relatable. Watch her videos, and you'll see why
  2. She is into the fashion business, coffee business, YouTube, TikTok, and anywhere where the brand is king (or should I say, queen?)
  3. Her videos are simple but not simplistic.
  4. She is an inspiration for young entrepreneurs: Emma's achievements serve as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, showcasing what can be achieved with passion, determination, and a strong work ethic.

Obviously, copying her won't work (read authentic), but we can apply some of her processes to our brand/company.

Have you ever heard about Emma before? 📥

4/ Alcohol

Huberman Lab is one of my favorite podcasts. It discusses 🧠 neuroscience, meaning how our brain and its connections with the organs of our body control our perceptions, behaviors, and health.

Sounds complicated , right? It isn't.

It's stuff that you need to know about to live a better life.

🎧 I recently heard this episode about alcohol consumption 🥃, which was super interesting. Since alcohol is one of the most widely consumed recreational substances, this episode should be relevant to everyone.

During the episode, they discuss the physiological effects that drinking alcohol 🍺 has on the brain and body at different levels of consumption and over time. Also, they talk about how alcohol consumption in different amounts impacts inflammation, stress, neurodegeneration, and cancer risk and negatively impacts the gut microbiome, brain thickness, hormone balance, mood, and feelings of motivation.

Did you know that even low-to-moderate alcohol consumption negatively impacts the brain and body directly? 🧐

Listen to it and use the information to make informed decisions about your alcohol consumption to keep it aligned with your mental and physical health goals.

📥 What do you think about alcohol?

5/ Venture Studios

Starting your own startup can be overwhelming. The choices are endless: bootstrap, seek venture capital, join an accelerator, or... what about partnering with a Venture Studio ?

💡 But what exactly is a Venture Studio?

Imagine a powerhouse of innovation! Venture Studios, also known as Startup Studios, are like superhero headquarters for startups. They're the umbrella corporation that nurtures and supports multiple startups within their portfolio.

🔎 How do they do it?

Venture Studios bring together seasoned entrepreneurs, investors, and experts in various fields. They work in harmony, shaping ideas, assembling teams, and launching new companies. Unlike traditional accelerators or incubators, Venture Studios take a hands-on approach. They provide the complete package: resources, manpower, and unwavering support throughout the entire startup journey. They've got your back from brainstorming and validation to product development and fundraising.

👉 Still unsure if a Venture Studio suits you (and your startup)?

Start from this guide.

That's all for now. See you next week!

- Jon V (as in Victory) 🚀

- Fri 19 May 2023


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