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1/ You cannot build a FormulaOne car in a village. And here is why.

You are ready to ride the train and hear someone playing the violin.

You smile, and you throw a couple of dollars in their empty violin case - just for making you smile and move on with your day.

Little did you know that you heard Joshua Bell performing, one of the most famous violinists on earth, that people pay $100 to $500 to attend his concerts.

This story talks about how we don't pay attention to things around us and lead a habitual life, but there is something more for me.

Joshua Bell couldn't charge $100 for playing at the train station even if he had a big neon sign saying "I AM THE BEST IN PLAYING THE VIOLIN".

It is about location.

Some time ago, I wrote why you should strive to be in the future rooms with Mark Cuban. And many people send me emails saying that now, with remote work, you don't have to be in the same physical room.

I doubt that.

Every place has a specific kind of energy fueled by the society around it. It is the history, the knowledge, people's habits, and everything that makes a place special.

If you want to compete in Formula One, be where all the drivers are. Be where the teams hang out, where the cars are built.

Else you can just attend the Winter Olympics with the Jamaican Team.

2/ Jack Dorsey (the founder of Twitter) sold his first tweet as NFT for $2.9M πŸ’°

And then the buyer put it up for sale for $48M, got some bids around ... $280, and today it is $14k to $30k.

But why that crazy drop in price?

If you don't know, Jack likes "bumping" Bitcoin even though every single project for the last 5 years has taken place on Ethereum. Even his NFT was sold on the Ethereum blockchain.

He is a Bitcoin maximalist, and I can tell you that anyone who considers themselves "maxi" in anything is extremely "mini" in their world views.

Back to our story. So, Jack decided to sell his NFT, get his Ether, and convert it to Bitcoin to send it to a non-profit. Slow clap, Jack. Slow clap.

The Ethereum community doesn't really care about all this drama, but collectors care.

And someone is stuck with a $3M png file. πŸ’Έ

3/ Last Friday, we had a Live where you called in, and I answered as many questions as I could about Startups, Product and Crypto. It was pretty epic.

Startup or Shut up

Put it in the background and enjoy the vibes. The next one is next Thursday, and I'll try to have some guests πŸ˜‰

4/ In the modern world, the average person sends dozens of emails πŸ“§ per week and receives a lot more.

πŸ’‘ But have you ever considered sending an email to yourself in the future?

Sending emails to your future self is a powerful technique to talk directly to you in the future. Whether you're hoping to achieve specific goals, follow up on bucket list items, or give words of affirmation, your future self will be grateful to receive a letter no matter what.

You can schedule emails for several months or years later.

Be as detailed as possible. Attach images, voice notes, links, etc. Talk about who you are now and your goals, and write about a tough decision you have to make and your thoughts about it. Also, don't forget to address your future self. Give yourself advice, ask questions, and add things you want to stop, continue, and start doing.

Start writing now, and you soon will realize the progress you are making.

A lot can change in a year or rather still be the same if you let it. πŸ”₯

5/ Are you struggling to organize your day and manage your time? πŸ€”

Do you feel overwhelmed about what you have to do? Do you always end up procrastinating, scrolling on social media, and binge-watching online videos?

The Eisenhower matrix is a tool to help you manage your time and tasks.

It is a decision matrix that categorizes tasks based on importance and urgency and tells you what you must do with each one.

  • DO

See you next week. πŸš€

-- Jon V (as in Victory)

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- Thu 21 April 2022

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