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Here are the top five things for this week. Oh and Happy New Year!

1/ Last week I had Live Office hours and we talked about Web3 for Entrepreneurs! Here is the full video where I cover Web3, best DAOs, what a DAO is and tons of other questions.

Check the video here

2/ In case you don't know, we have a DAO - called KaramelaDAO. On our twitter we talk about how we built our DAO and we have a DAO Historian that writes once per week about the cool things that we build.

The goal is to have a small community of 300 people that get to build interesting stuff and experiment with these new social structures. ]Join us on our Discord if you want to check it out.

3/ When I first asked Entrepreneurs to send me their pitch decks and I'll review them, I had no idea I'll be doing YouTube videos for two months and have 600+ pitch decks in the pipeline.

But that's not the awesome part. Today I am happy to announce that I am an investor to one of the companies that I reviewed on my channel, Zenus.AI. The pitch deck if you want to check it out is here.

But there is something even awesomer. Three investors reached out to me after watching the pitch deck and now they are also investors in Zenus.AI.

You can still send me your pitch deck here and I'll review it some time in 2022.

4/ DAOs are the hottest thing right now (as I have been saying for the last two months) mostly because they introduce new business metrics.

For a DAO to work, you need to have an MLC - a Minimum Lovable Community.

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But do you really know what a DAO is and how they started?

Below is a new video that is "different" from my previous ones. I would love to hear what you think about it as I really like this style but definitely I need more work to pull it off.

Watch it and tell me if it was captivating or if you got bored. I really want to know what you think.

Watch it here

5/ Story time.

Mark Cuban almost never invests in other people's funds because "he doesn't enjoy it" but he invested $6M in Backstage Capital. When the founder asked him why, he said:

You’re in rooms I’ll never be in

Do you want to make a 10x difference? Leave the room you are, either it is a town, country or company and be in the "future" room.

See you next year!

-- Jon V (as in Victory)

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- Thu 30 December 2021

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