The time I didn't sell NFTs for a dead Celebrity

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It is 2022 and and I am super excited! So many new stuff coming up and so many new opportunities! Let's jump straight to the top 5 highlights.

1/ There is a famous A.I paradigm called "This X doesn't exist". For example if you go to, you will see a new face generated using A.I every time. You can do the same for cats, Startups, resumes and I even had my own for products.

But one of them is terrifying. This climate does not exist. It is using A.I to show you how YOUR home (or any address or monument you like) is when climate conditions go astray.

Here is Monastiraki in Athens/Greece, a very popular place near Acropolis - almost underwater.

2/ Ozzy Osborne launched an NFT project and the video is hilarious. More than 70k have joined the Discord in one day, waiting to buy CryptoBatz (yes, blood thirsty pixelated bats).

At least is WAY better than Matt Damon's embarrassing ad for which personally I liked but but most of the Internet has gone ballistic.

3/ Remember when I joined a DAO that raised ~$10M and bought some real estate in Wyoming to build a Metacity? Well, another DAO is buying golf courses and they just raised $10M in 48 hours by selling NFTs. And another wants to purchase a dead brand and relaunch it as a streaming service.

Isn't this space absolutely crazy?

4/ But what is more interesting is a story from my NFT platform (I need to write a whole book about these stories):

It was summer of 2021 and we were selling exclusively Celebrity NFTs. That meant talking and meeting celebrities, their manager and with their agency.

Spoiler alert, after we decided to drop all custom projects and just provide services for creators and APIs for platforms, we started printing money (ether). Back to the story.

One of the top five agencies in LA (and dare to say in the world?) approached us for another project. And based on our past experiences, agencies (and specifically Celebrities) don't know how to sale NFTs or interact with their community.

We were approached to assist with the drop of photos taken by a photographer of a dead Celebrity. Of course there was no community behind this (it is one of the five deadly sins of selling NFTs). And of course they wanted to sale at a crazy price.

We decided that we were not a good fit and told them as a friendly advice not to use OpenSea but another platform (again, using OpenSea is another deadly sin).

Long story short and $1M spent in marketing after using OpenSea, they sold zero NFTs.


The funny story is that this happened three times. Three. Freaking. Times. Millions of dollars spent and zero sales.

Oh well. You pay and you learn.

5/ This week I review the pitch deck of a 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper company.

To tell you the truth, the deck had some issues the first five slides but then OMG it turned around! One slide made the whole difference and someone from my team will reach out to learn more information. Check the video here and there is surprise as always ;)

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See you next week.

-- Jon V (as in Victory)

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- Thu 06 January 2022

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