The Squid game and the Art of not giving up

Welcome to another crazy Friday (or Saturday depending on your time zone).

This week I learnt so many new cool stuff that I don't think one email can do justice. But I'll try. Here we go!

1/ I am having a blast with my "Startup Office Hours" channel. This week I reviewed another pitch deck (link here) and I believe my editing skills have improved tremendously.

The reason I started doing these videos are to help as many Entrepreneurs as I can but also to learn a new skill: Visual Storytelling. If you have any feedback (seriously ANY feedback helps) on things that can be improved just reply to this email.

Click here to see this epic video!

2/ I have been included in the 100 Greek Innovators. The article is in Greek but in short it says "Jon you are awesome".

If this was five years ago, I wouldn't stop talking about it. Currently the only person that tracks all these is my mother (and sometimes puts them into frames).

It is not that I consider myself a "big deal" but these don't give me an endorphin hit anymore.

After a lot of time I found what gives me that hit: building stuff.

Every day that I build something (could be a site, a video, even a post), I feel great. Strange feeling and I have no idea why this is happening.

Some time ago I wrote a post about it so maybe it can help you find your endorphin highs.

3/ I cannot send an email and not include NFTs. Seriously, if you have no idea what NFTs, DAO and Blockchain mean, drop everything you do and start reading.

Here is a post about NFTs and why Mark Cuban is a genius.

4/ The Squid game. There are going to be zero spoilers so you are good if you haven't watched it yet (but do, it is awesome).

The Squid game is the top show in 40 countries - and on its way to be Netflix's biggest show. It made an insane amount of money. But the script was rejected 10 years ago in its local market (Korea). What do we learn from this?

Commitment. If you believe on something, go for it. Life is not for playing it safe but for making a mess.

Big contributors of course are timing and location. This show might have been "too brutal" 10 years ago but now it is on "family airtime". And Netflix saw that the US will love a show like this and then the rest of the world will follow.

5/ I am surprised that most people are still working 9-5 without at least knowing about the "ladder of wealth".

In this excellent post, Barry talks about how you should progress from selling your time to selling products. This is a MUST READ even if you never plan to be an Entrepreneur.

That’s it for today. See you next week.

Jon V (as in Victory)

PS: If you read this far, thank you! Reply and say what are you working on and how can I help you!

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- Fri 08 October 2021

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