How to have 7 more days every month

One of my new year's resolution was "study one of your habits each month" and I decided to focus on what activities I am spending my online time. So, I installed RescueTime which is a very cool app that sits on the background and creates reports about which apps and sites you are using the most. And no, it is not sending that info to NSA (you are not that important!).

Even though I spent most of my time working, writing and communicating, I also spent around 2 hours on average on Facebook (gasp!). No biggie. What I hated was that for the majority of times I was scrolling/refreshing for new updates. Like opening your refrigirator every two minutes even though you know it is empty! Damn you habits!

So, spending 2 hours every day (sometimes more) on Facebook, means 60 hours per month or 7 working days. 7 freaking working days each month. 7 days, each day with 8 full hours, to sleep, go out, exercise, write a book, learn something new.

What I did was installing StayFocused, a free plugin for your browser that doesn't let you spent more than 10 minutes on specific sites everyday. And guess what. The "I am just using facebook to communicate" is such a lame excuse as I had no problem communicating with my friends, even by using facebook for 10 minutes.

Now, give it a shot and tell me what you built in your spare time!