Selling 1000 selfies to make $1M

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It is 2022 and and I am super excited! So many new stuff coming up and so many new opportunities! Let's jump straight to the top 5 highlights.

1/ Do you want to make $1M πŸ’° while sitting in front of your computer? Take a selfie! 🀳

An Indonesian college student decided to take one selfie every day for three years (or 993 days to be exact). Then, because he wanted to learn about NFTS, he decided to release them as an NFT collection. That collection just broke $1M in sales. Crazy right?

And if you are wondering how he did that, he shared exactly his process on how to make $1M with NFTs:

Today there were more than 230+ sold, and I still don't understand why you want to buy NFT photos of me!

2/ This week review the pitch deck of a Startup that has a great idea but the pitch deck is ... very weak.

And that's ok! That's why I am doing these videos and I am sure that with a little bit of love (and hype!), they can make an excellent pitch deck!

I would love to hear your opinion, so please leave a comment on the video.

See this epic video here

Oh, and if you haven't subscribed to the channel, DO IT NOW.

3/ Have you ever watched Shark Tank, the show where Startups pitch their ideas and four investors decided whether to put money or not?

Welcome to GoingPublic, a show where the viewer can also invest from their couch.

All this is thanks to a new regulation in the US, where anyone can invest without being a "professional investor" or any specific (high) income.

Would you ever invest in any companies from "Shark Tank"? Why now?

4/ World of Women is an NFT collection that has taken over the Internet ($21M in sales). Reese Witherspoon is a big promoter along with tons of other Celebrities and as it was expected we are going to have the first NFTs making it into Hollywood movies.

Oh and yes, we checked that this project is actually made "by women" as in the past another project claimed it was by women (it was not) and after they got exposed they handed over the project to a women's group.

5/ Instagrammers. Cloning. Dead Pets.

How much crazier this 2022 could get? 🀯

It seems that cloning pets has become pretty popular. And it is not that expensive. A cloning company says that the prices are around $50k for a dog, $35k for a cat and $45k for a horse.

The story in the article above, talks about a cat that had around 45k followers and sadly died. The owner decided to clone the dead cat which now shares an account with a dog.

See you next week. πŸš€

-- Jon V (as in Victory)

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- Thu 20 January 2022

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