Robots don’t care how rich you are and how safe your job really is

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Here we go with the Top 5 things that happened last week.

1/ Yesterday I gave a talk in Decentraland about DAOs, CityDAO and the future of DAOs.

Yes, that's my avatar in the photo.

If you didn't manage to attend (probably because you are not following me on Twitter or Instagram) the highlights were:

If you have a strong cause behind what you do, people will join and help. It is not just about the money Mistakes are bound to happen but as long as you made an informed decision, it is ok. You cannot predict the future and take into account unknown variables Try to scale slowly. Going viral is most of the times a curse Beware of the scammers. So many of them in the crypto space

2/ I posted a couple of weeks ago about a DAO that we are building. We have a name (KaramelaDAO) and a vibrant community that is operating semi-autonomously. We do at least two community calls per week so if you are interested in learning more about DAOs, the Metaverse and how we can take over a Greek Island and elected our own representative, drop by our Discord.

Follow the DAO on Twitter too!

3/ The last couple of weeks, I keep hearing that working for a Web3 company is "dangerous". You can always be replaced on the spot or the company can fail and/or run out of money.

Let me introduce you to is a well funded company that has 1 billion dollars and last week the CEO fired 900 people during a Zoom call. On the spot. Like, hey Merry Christmas for those that are not on this call because YOU are fired. No reason. No explanation.

At least in a DAO you get to keep your governance token and vote rights and kinda know about these kind of things.

4/ Oh Elon Elon Elon. At first you loved getting government money to build cool stuff but the moment the word "union" was heard you started thrashing around about inflation and about the incentives other companies get to also build cool stuff. But that's ok. I still love you.

And I want to believe that money and resourcefulness solve everything but it seems that A.I needs something more than money and that means that we won't get Neuralink any time soon or self-driving cars.

But weirdest things have happened so who knows?

5/ Talking about weird stuff, I always found super strange that whenever Christies was selling some SUPER expensive multimillion NFT, there was always something fishy happening (sales not recorded on the blockchain, no open prices etc).

And behold, Christie decided to do some sales directly on the blockchain and ...

it wasn't that impressive. At all.

NFTs were accused of being the perfect tool for money laundering but maybe there are more transparent that normal companies because of the huge community.

That's all for this week, see you next week with possibly a surprise ;)

-- Jon V (as in Victory)

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- Fri 10 December 2021

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