Reviewing Donald Trump's pitch deck and $Victory coins

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So many things happened last week and I cannot wait to share them with you.

1/ This week I gave a talk about DAOs at the "Proof Of Consciousness", a Los Angeles/Venice DAO. Here are the slides and I recorded an epic video - hopefully to be released this week. It explains once and for all what a DAO is and how you can start working for one. Subscribe on my Youtube channel to get a notification.

2/ Last week I posted about the DAO that we started - KaramelaDAO. We are building it in public - meaning that everything that we do is documented and shared. Now you can learn from our mistakes and see the whole process.

We are on Twitter and below is the first designs for our NFT. If you want to get involved (we have tons of bounties!), drop by our Discord.

3/ Last week we didn't have a weekly pitch deck reviews but oh, this week you are in for a surprise.

Donald Trump has started a new media(?) company that hopes to replace Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, Disney+, Amazon, Stripe, Google Cloud, AWS and Azure. I am not kidding.

Someone sent me his pitch deck and ... (you know where this is going right?).

I am reviewing Donald Trump's new pitch deck, without getting political, as I review every other single Startup. A lot of things to be learnt from this.

Oh and if you haven't subscribed to the channel, DO IT NOW.

Click here to see this epic video!

4/ The last couple of months, my schedule grew back to its unsustainable form. Despite having outsourced almost everything that is possible to be outsourced, I got involved again into to many epic projects. On top of that, there is a never-ending backlog with pitch deck reviews plus tons of other content waiting to be released.

Time for a clean up.

Let me introduce you to $Victory coins (yes, I am working on the name).

You collect $Victory by reading my newsletters, by forwarding them, when you watch my YouTube videos until the end or have attended one of my talks.

You can spent $Victory on pushing your pitch deck review higher on the list, get some free mentoring from me or redeem it with swag (NFT t-shirts!).

The $Victory coins are using a new smart contract from OMGDrops, so expect delays and bugs until everything is shortened out.

Tag me on social media with the message "I want to be Victorious" and I'll send you 100 $Victory coins!

5/ I have one last thing to say and it is not financial advice.

Reddit is going public.

That's all for this week, see you next week with (hopefully) some $Victory!

-- Jon V (as in Victory)

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- Thu 16 December 2021

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