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Let's talk about the Top 5 things that happened last week.

1/ The majority of people around us haven't been conditioned into taking action. That's why they have a hard time understanding what separates a good decision from a bad one.

A decision that takes a lot of time will end up in Analysis Paralysis.

A decision that tries to gather all data, it might no longer be beneficial as the landscape moves. Successful investments are done only with 20% of available information - before everybody else finds out.

Making decisions is more than data/facts collection. It is about execution.

Have this in the back of your mind when you try to find your next move.

2/ Last time I talked about Crypto Cities and more specifically about CityDAO (disclosure: I am affiliated with CityDAO). A week ago, we were 6000 Citizens planning how to build software to create a new city. This week we are 10k Citizens - and no more Citizens will be accepted at this moment.

The reason I am excited about DAOs is that I am working on launching a new DAO about the Metaverse and Web3. I am looking for names and if you come up with one, you'll get a free "citizenship".

If you want to be involved - drop by my Discord and join the channel #TheDao.

3/ This week I took a break from reviewing pitch decks and I started doing small videos answering questions that came from you. Here is the first one (and one of my favorites). If you have any questions, reply to this email and I'll (probably) do a small video about it.

Click here to see this epic video

3/ A couple weeks ago, I asked all of you to help out with selling the domain I have three offers but they are a bit complicated. I'll wait a couple weeks before deciding. If you have a small Startup and you can use the domain, you can get it at a huge discount - just to irritate Zillow, that is having a terrible week.

4/ If you are watching my videos, you should know that I include hidden gems for those who are observant. In one of them I said at the end of the video "if you are watching this, I'll send you something interesting".

To everyone that saw the hidden gem and reached out to me, you'll be getting a hardcopy of one of my favorite books "How To Live" that was released a couple months ago.

The reason I like sending people physical items is that I like having a real connection. When you get a physical item - especially a book - you create conversations and bonds stronger than just words on a screen.

And as you know, I always respond to anyone that sends me an email - that's why I am doing this newsletter!

5/ I talked about the Metaverse many times and I even had my own Metaverse conference last summer but the space is getting crazy hot. Facebook (or should I say Meta?) will release haptic gloves so we can punch each other, China will integrate Metaverse with reality and Roblox (one of my favorite companies - disclosure: I am an investor) went up 30% in a day as more brands wake up.

Oh and Nike is preparing a new Metaverse, NFTs and cryptocurrency.

How can you benefit from this?

We are experiencing one of the biggest wealth creation events in the human history. It's one of the few times where having deep knowledge of a subject and being able to provide/create value can change your life and the life of thousands.

It is not just "Web-3", it is "Internet-2"

Start reading about DAOs, NFTs, how you can participate, how they work, how this new world operates and what are the new rules.

It is crazy right now but it is going to get crazier.

PS: I am reviving the "Algorithms Pay My Bills" Community on Discord, so if you want to drop by and chit-chat, you are more than welcome!

-- Jon V (as in Victory)

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- Thu 18 November 2021

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