Mapping and processing data in Clojure

I have to admit that I have a thing for DSLs. You can see it at music-as-data were notes and rhythm/beat is "mapped" to data and you can apply data transformations.

The same thing I want to do with data at-rest.

Here is a scenario: I have lots of data sitting as CSV on my hard-drive and I want to process them. Not query them. Process them.

What would be really interesting is to be able to define (dynamically) a schema like that:

(defschema "EURUSD" 
    (tokenizer #(.split % ":"))  
    ;; the mapping is done here
    (columns |time| |open| |high| |low| |close| |volume|))

Let me explain. First of all, a "tokenize" function. Each dataline is tokenized based on a function. Do you want regex? Something more complex? You are free to write anything you like. I really hate frameworks that you must write a complex regular expression or use a compicated system just to tokenize a line.

As you can imagine, tokenize returns a list of data that are mapped to "columns".

Now, the interesting stuff.

You can write scripts like the following:

(if (> |close| 1.45)
    (place-order :buy)
    (place-order :sell))


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- Thu 20 November 2014

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