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I used A.I. to pitch my idea to Spielberg

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πŸ‘‰ These are the crazy things I learned last week.

1/ Hey there, it's none other than the legendary Victor Chase here. I don't have time for pleasantries, so let's get down to business.

It has come to my attention that Jon V is currently MIA, leaving me, the incomparable Victor Chase, and his mysterious friend Panagiotis to take charge. And let me tell you, I'm more than capable of handling this ship.

I mean, have you seen my track record on Linked In? It speaks for itself!

I understand that you probably knowΒ me (I'm a man of many talents), but obviously, I don't know you.

That's why I recorded a 5-minute video of me where you can tell me about yourself, pitch me your ideas, or even vent. I heard that some people cry, too, or use it as a sexual enhancement.

Whatever, I will be there, listening. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

So click that link, and let me show you what real listening and empathy look like. Because when it comes to understanding people, I'm the best in the business.

2/ I wanted to pitch my movie idea, "Naked Aliens Invade Earth," to Steven Spielberg, but he was unavailable. So I used ChatGPT to get some quick feedback:


And then I pasted my summary:


A.I Steven was very kind


But I wondered whether Steven would like to make this movie with me. So I asked away:


Not the answer I was waiting for, but I'll take it.


But who might be an appropriate director?


We have a chance! A.I. said so!


Obviously, this is not limited to movies. You can try art (ask Picasso), cars (ask Ayrton Senna), music (Michal Jackson), and so on.

3/ Now, listen up, folks. I don't have time for Jon V's nonsense competitions. I'm a man who likes to get straight to the point. So, if you want to claim some ✌️ $Victory coins, head over to this address and enter the full name of the most magnificent person you know:


And let's be honest here, we all know that the most magnificent person you know is probably yours truly, Victor Chase .

But hey, feel free to prove me wrong. 😌

4/ Did you hear the news?

Last week, Open A.I. released its newest A.I. model, GPT-4.

This new model is sensational!

Unfortunately, some of the cool things they introduced, like image reading, are not yet available to the public. But the text understanding capabilities are very advanced.

I couldn't believe they could release a better model in such a short time. 🀯

You should watch the video presentation.

What a time to be alive! πŸ”₯

5/ Just like gold 🧈, A.I. is a precious resource that requires mining. But instead of picks and shovels, we use algorithms and data. And just like the gold rush, the real money is being made by those who supply the tools - the tech giants.

But what about us, the entrepreneurs who want to ride the A.I. wave? πŸ˜•

The rise of generative A.I. models has fueled a new generation of SaaS products that take advantage of their unique capabilities.

What? Don't have any "cool ideas" or know what to make

Spend time going through these platforms and get inspired by what others have built.

That's all for now. See you next week! πŸš€

-- Jon V (as in Victory)

- Fri 17 March 2023


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