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How to lose 1 Billion Dollars with Crypto

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These are the crazy things I learned last week.

1/ A crypto company was valued at $5 Billion and is getting sold for $250M to $25M πŸ“‰ in less than a year. I am talking about BlockFI.

And you know how much I LOVE cringe videos, especially when it has to do with crypto - like the 4 Billion $ in Bitcoin hackers.

The latest one comes from BlockFI, and it has to do with their fundraising.

The crypto/web3 space is like a soap opera on steroids!

2/ Pretty heavy accusations towards one of the biggest NFT projects - Bored Apes - are flying around, along with lawsuits.

Conspiracy theories, Nazi symbols, mystical gateways to another dimension, and tons of money.

Have you followed the story? What's your opinion? πŸ€”

3/ There is a saying in the Startup world: Go big or go home. πŸš€

Many entrepreneurs don't understand that to be the best, you just have to be the best. No need for hard work.

Does the lion have to work to be a lion? Or a giraffe? Or an armadillo?

Take my advice and see my latest video.

If it is not personal, just make it.

See this epic video here

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4/ Do you know what a Product Owner is? What about the Product Manager?

What are the differences between these 2 roles? Do you need to hire a Product guy for your Tech startup, or is it better to hire another engineer?

In this πŸ“° article, our Chief of Chaos describes the core responsibilities and skills required for a successful Product Owner.


5/ Do you want to practice Artificial Intelligence (specifically Machine Learning and Deep Learning) and don't know where to start?

Right now, Python 🐍 is the go-to language for anything related to Data Science and AI. The following packages give you functionalities worth millions of dollars, if not more, for FREE. Salute to the open-source community!

  1. NumPy
  2. Pandas
  3. Matplotlib
  4. Seaborn
  5. Plotly
  6. Scikit-Learn
  7. SciPy
  8. TensorFlow
  9. PyTorch
  10. XGBoost
  11. LightGBM

See you next week. πŸš€

-- Jon V (as in Victory)

- Thu 30 June 2022


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