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Apes, Starbucks and the oldest tech company in the world

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These are the crazy things I learned last week!

1/ Bored Apes is one of the biggest NFT projects (actually, it is a social club) with tons of Celebrities, insane prices, and plenty of epic events. Bored Apes have even their own coin, ApeCoin, pretty similar to my own ✌️ $Victory coin that you can get 49 coins for free by clicking right here.

The company behind it Bored Apes - Yuga Labs - is building a game called Otherside, and you can buy some virtual land for the price of 305 ApeCoin (around $5k). Or at least you could try buying land.

Due to the crazy traffic on the Ethereum network, people had to pay a premium of up to $15k (in gas fees) just for the opportunity to buy some land. As a matter of fact, the whole Ethereum blockchain was affected due to the overwhelming response.

Yuga Labs decided to refund people that paid these crazy gas fees (a pretty awesome move, in my opinion), but the question still stands:

πŸ€” "Would you buy into the Yoga Labs universe? Are you planning to get some assets in their new game? Could they become as big as Nintendo?"

2/ Did you know that Nintendo was founded in 1889?

See how their logos changed through their history:

Nintendo is the definition of a versatile company that evolves with the times while remaining on top. Take a look at the Wikipedia article and read how they kicked ass all these years. Maybe there is something you can copy for your company.

PS: I own a significant amount of $NTDOY, and this is not investment advice πŸ“ˆ

3/ Last week, I went to play some music, and I decided to shoot a video that doesn't have to do with Startups or Crypto.

Check it out!

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4/ I know, too much NFT/Crypto news, but the market is uncontrollable.

Starbucks is building an NFT project and is creating a social club. Maybe you get a special edition Latte? Maybe a "Frappucino on Solana" 😏?

No idea. All I know is that "working at Starbucks" will become even more hipster.

5/ Many readers of this newsletter are founders who are trying to build the next unicorn. πŸ¦„

When you build a bootstrap startup with limited resources, you want to take advantage of every opportunity to promote your product/service and get traction, especially when you are starting.

The following tweet summarises 13 platforms to launch and promote your startup for FREE.

  1. Product Hunt (@ProductHunt)
  2. BetaList (@BetaList)
  3. BetaPage (@beta_page)
  4. AlternativeTo (@AlternativeTo)
  5. Launching Next (@LauchingNext)
  6. GetApp (@GetApp)
  7. StackShare (@stackshareio)
  8. EU Startups (@EU_Startups)
  9. SaaSHub (@SaaSHubCom)
  10. Betafy (@betafy)
  11. SaaSworthy (@saasworthy)
  12. Startup Ranking (@StartupRanking)
  13. Startup Lister (@startuplister)

See you next week. πŸš€

-- Jon V (as in Victory)

- Thu 05 May 2022


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