A 50% fee on NFTs from Facebook and Elon is getting sued

1/ I really want to make all Avengers🦸move to Mykonos and spend the rest of their days drinking Ouzo. And I might be able to do it pretty soon.

Do you want to decide the ending of a Hollywood movie? Well, Mila (Kunis, that is) is producing a new series that buying the NFT will allow you to decide the plot.

I wish Marvel follows up soon.

2/ Elon Mask decided to buy tons of Twitter stocks to make it more "open" - whatever that means. Then he asked if Twitter should be renamed to Titter, said about including an "edit" button and a couple more (terrible) ideas. 🐦

He decided to join the board - the stock price went up almost 20% - and then he decided not to join the board.

Oh, did you know that he failed again to disclose that he got all this stock before telling anyone (including the SEC), and he got sued?

Why should you care about this? 🀨

We all idolize some people, and we forget that at the end of the day, all of them are just ... people. They are driven by different motives than us, and they might be in a different financial place.

βœ”οΈ Copy the best, reject the rest.

3/ Do you want to raise money and figure out why you have no customers, or your team hates you? Or maybe you have tons of crypto questions?

Jump in this Live πŸ“Ί this Friday called: Startup or Shut up.

Type your questions in the chat πŸ™‹ or call the number on the screen ☎️ (yes, I will have a US phone if you want to pitch your product or ask about something).

It will be epic with tons of surprises (yes, and we are giving away tons of $Victory ✌️ coins too).

4/ One of my subscribers shared this epic video about Wolf Of Wall Street and crypto with me. It is so hilariously true. πŸ˜„

Oh, do you know that you get 20 $Victory coins✌️ every time you contribute something to my newsletter?

πŸ“¨ Come on, send me some stuff!

5/ Meta decided that it is a good idea to charge 47.5% transaction fees on NFTs for its Metaverse.

47.5% πŸ’Έ

Twitter didn't like it. Reddit didn't like it. Literally, no one liked it.

The rumors about the Meta cryptocurrency and the wallet are (possibly) not rumors at all. It seems that Meta will start competing with Coinbase as there is an increase of 2000% in new "crypto" positions of the company.

Definitely not the strangest move from Facebo... oh sorry, I mean Meta.

πŸ€” Would you work for a company like Meta, and if not, why?

See you next week. πŸš€

-- Jon V (as in Victory)

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- Thu 14 April 2022

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