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$750k salaries πŸ’° and raising money with NFTs

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1/ It's time for you to work for a DAO. At least part-time. Or you won't have any job in the future. ⚠️

I've written many times about DAOs, but now it is time to talk about a DAO that I helped start: KaramelaDAO.

KaramelaDAO's main purpose is to let people experiment with crazy ideas.

Some of the ideas we are playing around with are:

  1. Buying an island and converting it to a crypto island
  2. Creating a Virtual Influencer from scratch
  3. Reaching $1B in revenue

Pretty crazy ideas if you ask me. 🀯

KaramelaDAO has Citizens, its own currency ($Lollipop) that is connected to its treasury (that's a first!), and a very vibrant community.

Having participated in many DAOs, if you want to experience the future of work, come and join us on Discord.

We even have a team for onboarding, and they will give you some $Lollipops for free, guide you on how to use your wallets, how to vote, how to propose new stuff, and tons of other cool info that will take you a couple of months to figure out yourself. You can even earn $Lollipops by completing bounties!

Oh, and if you want to become a Citizen, you can grab one of our 10 Citizen NFTs that come with a digiphysical (you get an actual hat!), and 250 $lolls per year for four years (like vesting)!

2/ A couple of weeks ago, I posted about taking a monthly storytelling and filmmaking course.

I've said many times that storytelling is vital to acquire and engage customers.

It is not about the product. It is about the damn story.

Long story short, this is the final video I did for the course. I hope you enjoy it.

3/ A month ago, I posted on my site how you can make $300k πŸ’° by switching to web3.

It seems that the price is now at $750k per year.

Any bets what's happening 6 months from now? πŸ€”

4/ "Jon, you are wrong! Web3 is dead. The Product Lead of Crypto at VISA just left to join a payments company."

This is an email from one of my readers at my site that works for a pretty big company in the US.

Well, she is right. Partially.

Yes, Daniel left VISA. For a Payments Company.

To be more accurate, he joined THIS COMPANY. Click the link and check what the first thing on their homepage is.

I'll save you a click: web3.

He left VISA to join a web3 company.

How is your CV?

5/ $2.6 Billion dollars. πŸ’°

That's the amount of money raised last year from Startups that had "NFT" in the strategy.

And trust me on that, 99% of them should have stayed away from NFTs.

πŸ’‘ If you are building a Startup, focus on providing value. If you want to raise money and work with VCs as your employers, add "NFT support" to your company, and good luck.

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See you next week. πŸš€

-- Jon V (as in Victory)

- Thu 24 March 2022


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