V as in MetaVerse

A weekend of Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, smart contracts, Metaverse, workshops and hackathons

The conference has ended! Read about it here!

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3rd and 4th of July in Athens/Greece in Vios

Day 1 - Hackathon (Sponsored by Orfium)

Create a team and compete to win 2500 euros in awards. Tickets here. .

Get automatically in an Accelerator!

One team will be automatically included in the Accelerator Program of CapsuleT

Do you have a team? No worries!

Join our Discord server and coordinate with your team or join one of the new teams

"I have a crazy idea"

We love crazy ideas! Our mentors will help you bring it home

Day 2 - Firechats (schedule)

The most entertaining and informative firechats with speakers from the US, Europe and Greece. Tickets here and here

NFTs for tickets

For the first time ever, NFTs will be used as tickets at a big conference. Get the limited edition NFTs, trade them and unlock content after the event

Your favorite cryptocurrencies

From Ethereum to Bitcoin to Cardano to Doge - we have you covered

It is all about the DAOs

Talking about the future of governance and companies and taking a look at Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

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A weekend of pure epicness

Covering as many topics as we can, in one of the most hot conference of the Metaverse

Ethereum workshops

For beginners (how to setup your environment and how to build smart contracts) to advanced coders (optimizations, integrating with web3js etc)


Quitting your job to sell NFTs? Start from here! How to make, how to market, how to sale, how to resale and tons of more info!

Keep it secret, keep it safe

Protecting your digital money in a digital world

All about the Metaverse

Creating a persona, protecting your data and making money in the Metaverse


Dissecting the most interesting DAOs on the planet

And tons more presentations

and panels, discussions, events and networking